IT and web development, simplified.

Tech is everywhere these days. Whatever your area of business, you almost certainly rely on technology. We help you get the most out of your computer systems by combining in-depth technical understanding with clear, jargon-free explanations.

What we do

Kitson Consulting is an IT consultancy based in Bristol and Oxford UK. We specialise in web design & development, Linux server support, database design, and IT strategy. We have been providing our services to small businesses, research institutions and charities in the UK and internationally since 2009.

Our services include:

  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Security review
  • Code review
  • Linux system administration
  • IT consultancy and strategy advice
  • System configuration for remote workers



Security is of paramount importance to us. We offer code review, server configuration hardening, GDPR implementation and assistance with PCI-DSS compliance.


We design websites that are visually appealing, uncluttered and intuitive. Whether you have existing branding or you need a completely new design, we can help you create something both beautiful and useful.


Once you have a design, that design needs to be made into a reality. We develop websites using bespoke PHP, WordPress or Drupal, depending on which is the best fit for your project. Outside of websites, we also develop bespoke programs in Python and C++.


Need to protect your data? We can assist you with backup, redundancy and encryption strategies. Need to get more use out of your data? We can build you a system to allow your users to work with it more easily. Need to understand your data better? We can analyse the data and help your users to understand what it means with automated tools. Have a lot of data in different physical locations? We can help you share it securely between them.


Word on the street

Considering the range of expert services they provide, their rates are very competitive -  lower than the quotes from all the other IT consultancies.  The best part is, they are a great bunch of people. Over the years they have really listened to our needs and used that information to provide us with a choice of technical solutions.

Maria Cahill, Director, K2 Management Australia

Kitson Consulting tackled a wide range of IT problems with us. Working alongside such experienced and flexible professionals quickly leads to highly efficient and well-integrated outcomes. On top of this, dealing with real communicative people was a much more satisfying experience than dealing with larger IT support companies. Their knowledge is extensive and readily applied to low level issues around server management right through to transferring and sharing large amounts of data to designing web interfaces.

Joel Manning, Head of Research, Analysis Services, K2 Management

They built the management system at the heart of my business based on my design. It’s a database application with a web based front end so I can manage the business from anywhere. It has been the subject of several compliments in its capability and ease of use. The system is now maintained on a dedicated server: they regularly update security certificates and apply patches to the system software.

Robert Cole, Managing Director, Centre for Change Management

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