How to print from iPad to Ubuntu 14.04

My past self would be sad and amazed if he could see me how lazy I’ve become. I have a printer plugged into my laptop which runs on Xubuntu but I wanted to be able to print from my iPad while I’m on the sofa downstairs.

Older versions of Ubuntu require a more involved setup for iPad/AirPrint network printing. Judging by the guides I found on the internet (for older versions) I thought the whole thing would take a while to get working, but Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Tahr” (and presumably other recent versions) actually work with only a few clicks in the printing config GUI. It wasn't obvious to me how to do this so I thought I'd make a note in a blog post here.

  1. To open the printing config for your computer, go to http://localhost:631/ in your web browser.

    (You can normally access this from System Settings > Printers, but there’s a bug at the moment, which means the web interface is the best way to access these options).
  2. At the top of the CUPS web interface page, click on Administration.
  3. On the Administration page on the right-hand side, enable the option that says Share printers connected to this system, and click Change settings
  4. You’re done! You should be able to use the printer from you iPad now.

Sources (guides for older versions of Ubuntu)……


Thank You, it Worked perfectly

I thought that i had to spend a lot of money in a new printer

Now, anymore...

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