Accessing the advanced web interface for the TotoLink LR1200 on Linux

The TotoLink LR1200 is a fairly cheap WiFi access point and 4G/ethernet modem router available in Asia. It's also known as the Zioncom AC1200. It has two web interfaces: a standard interface with all the features available, and a simplified version designed for mobile devices.

When logging into the web frontend, it attempts to detect what kind of device you’re using, and load the appropriate interface. Unfortunately, the detection is based on faulty JavaScript user-agent sniffing. If the user-agent includes any of the following strings, you will be redirected to the mobile interface: Mobile, Android, Linux, iPhone, iPod. Notice that Linux is among the “mobile” devices!

Fortunately, there’s an easy way around this. When you open the web interface on Linux, it will redirect you Simply change this to and you will get the full interface. This allows access to some of the more advanced features, such as port forwarding and reading/sending SMS messages from the SIM card in the router.

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