UK government doesn't recognise .uk top level domain

When domain registrations for the .uk TLD* were introduced in 2014, many in the technical community dismissed it as a cynical cash grab by Nominet. Since then, they seem to have been proven right, as evidenced in media coverage by The Register among others. However, several years ago I registered a .uk domain to use for personal emails, as much for the novelty as anything.

Today I was amused to discover that even official UK government websites think that the .uk TLD is dodgy. I used my .uk email address for an online government service, at which point the government website told me that it thought I had put in my email address wrongly and suggested that perhaps I meant to write a .fr address (for France) instead. See for yourself:

Official UK Government website doesn't recognise .uk domain

So it's official: the UK government trusts the French domain system more than the UK one.

(Yes, I'm being somewhat tongue in cheek with this post, but I do think it's quite telling that over 8 years after Nominet's domain registration policy change and over 2 years after Brexit, .uk domains are so unpopular that official UK government websites suggest domains from another EU country in preference.)

* By which I mean domains of the format instead of or, etc.

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