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Introducing CoNtRol: an open source web application for analysing Chemical Reaction Networks

I’m very excited to announce the public release of CoNtRol, a web application designed to carry out mathematical analysis of chemical reaction networks. A formal introduction has been accepted for publication in Bioinformatics, and technical documentation is available on the reaction networks wiki. In this article I want to talk a bit about the design philosophy behind CoNtRol.

Ubuntu Brother Printer-Scanner Network Setup

How to Setup Brother MFC-6490CW Network Printer with Ubuntu

  1. Configure your router to reserve a static IP address for your printer. This way your computer will always know which address to contact the printer on.
    Here's a rough guide on how to do that:
    Make a note of your printer's IP address.

How to setup a Logitech webcam microphone with Skype on Ubuntu Linux

I bought a new webcam recently. The camera worked with Ubuntu as soon as I plugged it in but but the microphone didn't work with Skype until I set it up. This is very easy but it took me a very long time to figure out so I thought I'd make a note here in case anyone has the same trouble.