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Python mutable default function arguments are static

This particular quirk of Python has been discussed in various places before, but I think it bears repeating as it’s different to the behaviour that you might intuitively expect and consequently catches a lot of people out when writing class methods. When declaring a function or a class method, any default arguments are only evaluated at the point when the function is declared, not when the function is called. For mutable default arguments such as lists or dictionaries, this has the effect of making them static. Consider the following example:

Fix battery issues on HTC Desire 601 since software update 4.4.2

I’ve had an HTC Desire 601 for a few months now and have generally been very happy with it. Generally the battery has lasted about 30 hours with minimal use, but last week HTC released a software update which meant battery the battery life went to about 6 hours without me even using it!